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Booking a smear test: when is the right time of the month?

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"Hi, I'd like to book my smear test, please..."

Like so many things in life, from eating chocolate cake for breakfast (only when you really have to), to wearing overly-complicated underwear (only when you really need to), there is a right time and wrong time for everything.

And the same applies for calling up to book your smear test. Don’t go during your period, basically try to avoid the three days before and after that. The best time is mid-cycle; if you get muddled by when that is, just remember to start by counting the first day of your last period as day one and then book in for a test between days 10-20.

Once you’ve worked that out, give the the clinic a call, then put it in your diary and set a reminder on your phone too, so no forgetting this time!

For more info:

What happens during a smear test

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